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Monday, 29 September 2014

Head and belly...

Well the head came back to me. Currently awaiting a buyer. That's one thing sorted.

I'm currently hoping mr D from Ireland will be able to provide me with one of his versions. For that, I'm hoping I can afford to pop over to the Emerald Isle for a quick trip to meet him and try the lid on.

In other news:

Yes, after almost a year (maybe it's a year, I dunno!) of being an overeating, lazy slob, I'm going to try my best to get back on that hard and lonely road...

 The road to Thinsville. Population: 1.

Yes, I've felt bloody terrible about it, after doing so well last year - I got down to 151 LBS which was amazing. Then it crept up and up, due to feeling like crap.

I know that my excuses were mainly emotional: When I feel low and lovelorn, I get more and more inactive, eating for comfort, and 'treating myself' to pizzas, chinese meals, chocolate and stuff like that.

I've so far done 3 x 10 day orders of Joylent, and a Week's worth of 100%FOOD (see previous posts on that), but as time went by, I fell off that particular wagon and started going back onto comfort foods instead of using it properly.

Most importantly of all, I've avoided the Crosstrainer machine like a giant white elephant in my room. It's creaky now (very off putting), it's hard work on the legs, and I can't stand getting hot and sweaty. Well, not without a lady involved...

But now with some progress on 3PO, I know it's time to try and shake this lardy outer coating offa me, and slim down. Target is 140 LBS , or TEN Stone.

It's Monday, it's 6pm. I currently weigh  173.2lbs.

Let's go!

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Today was a good one re- C3PO.  I'm still awaiting the head to return to me, but my mate Josh helped me to make a definite move on the sanding today. 

It took watching all of The Empire Strikes Back, but we sanded the upper arms which were previously coated in 2-Pack Primer, and we sanded it with 500 grit paper, leaving the parts insanely smooth, like glass. If I can get this finish on the rest, I'm sure that they will be prepped enough to accept a goad golden coating which should be pretty damn shiny!

My savings are back up to a level where I can pay for the coating when the time is right.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see the model shop guys and fins out where we are with the back section and back box, and I'll drop off some more parts for the 2-pack primer coat. Then when I pick them up, more nice finishes to sand smooth.

We've begun to move! Woo hoo!

I'm still waiting for the head to be returned to me. The guy who has it has had a few messages now and he still has a £10 of my money with which to courier it back to me. Once it's back, I can clean it up and sell it on to another 3PO costumer who has a smaller noggin, and put the funds to getting a larger head, most probably from my Northern Ireland contact.

**UPDATE**   Next day: 

Went to the model shop and they have put the 'inner shelf' into the back box, and will now prime it as well as the forearm parts. When I pick them up next week, they'll be ready for a sanding session. After that, maybe I'll take a look at the legs, and get them ready next.

The only outstanding parts after that are hands, feet, shorts and head.

Friday, 18 July 2014

UPDATE - resolution

UPDATE - Today, I asked the guy who currently has my 3PO head for a refund and to return it.

After a discussion, he has agreed to retunr the head minus the cost of sending it back (which I offered to pay) and he's refunded me my money.

So while I'm disappointed that it didn't work out, I'm glad that the whole business has been resolved amicably.

'Thank the Maker!'

Thursday, 17 July 2014

C-3P woe.

Apologies for the lack of updates but there's not alot more to say.

On 23rd June, I was told that the head WAS molded up but apparently the last person (the guy who took £200 off me and did half a job) messed it up so badly that the silicone he used as a release agent had (quote)  "acted like a glue. It's not as bad as the last mould, but I'm going to have to clean the lot off and start again. A real pain in the ass."

I asked how long it'd take to redo:

"It'll take a few hours. I'm going to try and do it this week"  - that was 23rd June. It's now 17th July and no word. It's been around 9, almost 10 months since I paid for the job and handed the head over. I'm as sympathetic as the next guy, and I know how creative people can get bogged doen with everyday stuff, but for a job that takes a few hours, ten months and a lot of  'I'll get onto it soon'-s is a bit much to get excited about.

I'm speechless really. this head is cursed. I'm so despondent that I admit  to wanting to sell the entire suit, give the contributors their money back and forget the entire dream. And believe me, I might just do that.

The model shop guys have been great, doing the back box mods for me and they called me to ask what was next. I don't know what to do next. To add to that my weight has gone up thanks to falling off the diet and exercize wagon. Where I once was 151 lbs, I'm now 170. 

Though I have done the X trainer today and for the last 2 days. Also taking it easy on the calories.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Update 23rd April 2014

Okay, well, time has moved on... it's been a month since I was told my head would be molded, and so far no news. I paid for it last year and so far I've seen a few things coming out of the workshop...but not mine. Hoping for an update as son as poss.

Three months left until deadline and if I'm honest, I'm not confident at all. Even if everything was fitting and sanded and ready for painting *now*, I'm not sure how long it'd take to get it over to the company and wait for the parts to be painted. Then I'd have to go get them and do a final assembly - adding padding, straps and such.

Right now, I don't have a head. Let alone one that fits me.

Ah well.

I'm soldiering on. Going over to the model guys today, for a look at the back and back box panel. I'll take some smaller parts over too, for a once over by the pros.

After that, I'm preparing for a week in Tunisia to give a talk with theTunisian Office Of TOurism and 'Star Wars Tunisia' Group. 

Then I'm back and I'll organise some kind of 'armour party' where I can try it all on with help and *maybe* get some parts sanded?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Update 14.04.2014

Quick update.

Done the wires. Will call inhelp to cut the belly mat when I have a chance to put the suit on.

Had a message from the prop guys - they would like me to come in for some more work. Awesome!

No word from head moulding guy but he's making moulds now, so I expect to hear something soon as he promised me he'd be moulding my head at this stage.

Going to try and compile a list of parts and greeblies that I'm currently missing - it's not a lot - next week. Once I know all that's left, I can buy em and then prepare for golding up.

DESPERATELY NEED A TEST FITTING to help me ascertain my diet progress and any further tweaks to the major parts.

Major purchases ahead:

  • scratch-resistant bags (fleece)
  • Voice kit
  • Spraychroming.