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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Three months later....

Okay, another update, now that I have something to say.

My sincerest apologies for the three month gap. During that time, Ive been moving house, made a film, put on som eweight, had health issues (explained below) and as you can imagine, all of these things are not conducive to getting 3PO made. Mainly the money aspect.

Anyway, in the last month or so, I've hit a low in morale. At one point, I admit I declared that I'd never complete this suit and considered selling it all off and giving the proceeds to charity (That would've pleased a few people, I bet - while at the same time give them a reason to call me a quitter.)

Anyway, a few days ago, the second teaser trailer for Espisode 7 was released. Another fantastically exciting one. Artoo was seen in it, but still no look at Threepio. I've got the sneaking suspicion that he's changed a little from how we know him. But let's see.

Anyway, the motivation to do this has returned. I realised just how much I've wanted to own this suit and thought that I'd be very glum if it was gone. I want to show people how good I'd be inside it, and the added excitement of  the EP7 trailer has reminded me that come December, I could be C3PO in person. More to the point, if I don't do it at my age, I probably never will. So the time is now.

Also, my distant friend who has made a larger head that will fit me, has confirmed that he to, is aiming to be ready for December, and that he's going to make a copy or two soon, which he's said he'd kindly get to me, so that at long last, my main stumbling block - a head/mask that is wide enough to fit my face - will be dealt with.

This means that I can get out all the other parts and look seriously at getting it together now.

I know that I have a very small number of things yet to buy - greeblies etc, and the main thing for me is to re-start the dieting so that my 3PO has a flat stomach and a more comfortable fit in the suit.

Health wise, I've now lost the cross trainer machine. 

Why? well, it broke for one thing. Weld at the bottom cracked open.
The weird thing is that while my workouts on it helped me shed the pounds, it also had a nasty side effect of making my knees weaker - the repetition has worn my knee joints down (right knee more than left), leaving them easily tired and almost constantly aching. And my right hip 'clicks' when I walk now. It's not getting better. Which at my age is a worry.

So I'm going to have to rely on willpower and dieting alone to get me down to 140 LBS (10 stone).

Friday, 2 January 2015

2015: A NEW HOPE ..er...YEAR!

Happy New Year, people!

It's just 351 days to Episode 7, The Force Awakens, and this means that I have THREE main objectives to be ready for a cinema appearance in December.


1) Solve problem of head width, to have a wearable C3PO Head.

2) Lose weight - get down to 10stone (140lbs)

3) Put money aside (or raise it) to chrome the suit in time. 

All are doable, but with a lot of determination, focus and I'm going to need some help and support. My colleagues in the SouthWales Troopers are a good bunch, and they're all behind me on this. Well, when they're not force feeding me or persuading me to get an X-Wing Pilot costume.... ;)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Eye Eye Sir!

Well while the head issue is still no closer to being resolved (I'll post more on it later), Ive just bought an eye lighting kit.

This is based on my design and requirements as in a previous post. Here it is:

My (admittedly poor) design

The setup.
So here you can see one set of yellow LED's in a ring arrangement, the other left free for now. Then they are connected to a gold press button which I plan to install in the circular greeblie in the back of the head. (Not movie accurate. I KNOW).

 After that is the CR2032 battery, which is slim enough to mount into the head 'bump'. Also seen is a 9V connector which I can use if there's room for a square 9V battery. I'm assured that ether power source will be good, but the 9V will be brighter and longer as one would expect.

All I need now is a head to wear!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

UPDATE October 2014

Okay, the latest from the Droid Factory...

Head is up for sale. 
My two attempts at getting it moulded up to make a fibreglass one that could be modified have been very costly, both in time and money. So I'm flogging it on to someone with a smaller noggin, who can make use of it, and the money from the sale will go to my friend JD who has made a larger vacformed one that I'm pretty sure will fit me with no problems.

This head is typical of Threepio costuming in general: there are so few people making parts that the size stays the same - I'm fortunate that my neck, chest, arms and legs are pretty much the right size and don't put a lot of weight on. All my physical obstacles come from a skull that has a slightly wide pair of cheekbones (damn my photogenic mug!) and a bit of a belly. I hardly drink at all now, don't eat bread, and I'm back to avoiding pizzas and takeaways. If only there were more than two people working on larger head shells - so far Northern Ireland and Brazil are my only options! Hardly ideal to try before you buy!

Body wise, I've now prepped the upper arms (biceps) to a stage where I'm happy to get them chromed. Of course, I won't get them done separately, they'll all be done in one hit, but as far as smooth surfaces go, they're amazing.

I've received the forearms back from the model shop and they've all had a good thick coat of 2 pack primer on them which will need sanding down to match the same glass-smooth surface that the biceps have. 

The Back is great now - rear box 'lid'; had been detached, inner lip and shelf fitted, and all given a nice coat of primer too. The purpose of the inner shelf is to mount the voice kit, batteries and hopefully a speaker into. This way, the helper/spotter can switch the systems on and off easily and at the right time.

The next thing that I plan to do is do some Dremel work on the hands - separating the finger shells and priming them. As soon as they're all done I might go for chroming them in advance, just so I can attach them to the gloves, and thus complete the hands totally. NOTE TO SELF: Got hand rods, I still need 'knuckle studs'.

So a lot of sanding coming up. Then, at looooong last, I might be able to put the entire thing on for a test fitting, sans head of course.

Personally, I hate that it's taken such a long time to progress , but as I've said before, it's because I have no work space and very little free time. I have so much to do, day to day (day job, CJS stuff, kids, acting etc) but now things are progressing with help from my mates and of course the amazing guys at the model shop who have helped me so much. Thanks for bearing with me.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Head and belly...

Well the head came back to me. Currently awaiting a buyer. That's one thing sorted.

I'm currently hoping mr D from Ireland will be able to provide me with one of his versions. For that, I'm hoping I can afford to pop over to the Emerald Isle for a quick trip to meet him and try the lid on.

In other news:

Yes, after almost a year (maybe it's a year, I dunno!) of being an overeating, lazy slob, I'm going to try my best to get back on that hard and lonely road...

 The road to Thinsville. Population: 1.

Yes, I've felt bloody terrible about it, after doing so well last year - I got down to 151 LBS which was amazing. Then it crept up and up, due to feeling like crap.

I know that my excuses were mainly emotional: When I feel low and lovelorn, I get more and more inactive, eating for comfort, and 'treating myself' to pizzas, chinese meals, chocolate and stuff like that.

I've so far done 3 x 10 day orders of Joylent, and a Week's worth of 100%FOOD (see previous posts on that), but as time went by, I fell off that particular wagon and started going back onto comfort foods instead of using it properly.

Most importantly of all, I've avoided the Crosstrainer machine like a giant white elephant in my room. It's creaky now (very off putting), it's hard work on the legs, and I can't stand getting hot and sweaty. Well, not without a lady involved...

But now with some progress on 3PO, I know it's time to try and shake this lardy outer coating offa me, and slim down. Target is 140 LBS , or TEN Stone.

It's Monday, it's 6pm. I currently weigh  173.2lbs.

Let's go!

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Today was a good one re- C3PO.  I'm still awaiting the head to return to me, but my mate Josh helped me to make a definite move on the sanding today. 

It took watching all of The Empire Strikes Back, but we sanded the upper arms which were previously coated in 2-Pack Primer, and we sanded it with 500 grit paper, leaving the parts insanely smooth, like glass. If I can get this finish on the rest, I'm sure that they will be prepped enough to accept a goad golden coating which should be pretty damn shiny!

My savings are back up to a level where I can pay for the coating when the time is right.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see the model shop guys and fins out where we are with the back section and back box, and I'll drop off some more parts for the 2-pack primer coat. Then when I pick them up, more nice finishes to sand smooth.

We've begun to move! Woo hoo!

I'm still waiting for the head to be returned to me. The guy who has it has had a few messages now and he still has a £10 of my money with which to courier it back to me. Once it's back, I can clean it up and sell it on to another 3PO costumer who has a smaller noggin, and put the funds to getting a larger head, most probably from my Northern Ireland contact.

**UPDATE**   Next day: 

Went to the model shop and they have put the 'inner shelf' into the back box, and will now prime it as well as the forearm parts. When I pick them up next week, they'll be ready for a sanding session. After that, maybe I'll take a look at the legs, and get them ready next.

The only outstanding parts after that are hands, feet, shorts and head.

Friday, 18 July 2014

UPDATE - resolution

UPDATE - Today, I asked the guy who currently has my 3PO head for a refund and to return it.

After a discussion, he has agreed to retunr the head minus the cost of sending it back (which I offered to pay) and he's refunded me my money.

So while I'm disappointed that it didn't work out, I'm glad that the whole business has been resolved amicably.

'Thank the Maker!'